At present, karmaNICA is securing funds to support the communities who suffered the inconceivable loss of homes and educational centers as a result of the damaging effects of HURRICANE NATE (October 2017).

100% of funds donated will go directly to rebuilding specifically, in the rural areas of Tola, Nicaragua and all donations will be utilized in real time.

Our current focus is on the the local Tola communities, some of whom have been trapped by rivers in remote towns without any access to clean water or food. Fortunately, the biggest river is now passable so we are hopeful that we’ll begin to see more progress extend farther out. Many lost all of their belongings and some homes were completely destroyed. Our friends at Rancho Santana have been running water and food trucks as far as they can access each and every day. And, they have successfully, begun to get doctors out to remote, affected areas with medicine. For those who have not had an opportunity to visit these regions, these are very, very remote area with very few resources even prior to the storm. They are the very individuals and families who have cultivated communities that are a model for all of us…watching over each other in times of joy as well as times of challenge.

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